Developmental Education Effectiveness Measures

Administrative Rule
Council: President
Effective date: 07/31/00

The College will measure outcomes for students who need developmental courses as part of its ongoing Institutional Effectiveness Program.  Each Fall, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will submit a report to the Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, the Deans responsible for developmental education courses, and the Department Chairs in whose areas developmental courses are taught.  The report will use the assessment criteria and methodologies, which shall include developmental to credit migration rates, Fall to Spring retention and course completion rates.  Faculty who teach developmental courses will use this report to identify program strengths and weaknesses.

Data generated by this report will provide the foundation for strategic and budget planning activities in all academic areas that offer developmental education opportunities to students.

In addition to the outcomes report generated by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, faculty who teach developmental courses and the administrators who work with them will also analyze the following data each Fall:

  • Demographics of students who do not succeed
  • Item analyses of departmental exit exams
  • Numbers of students registering for Developmental Math (MATD), Developmental Reading (DEVR), Developmental Writing (DEVW), and Developmental ESL (DESL) during the preceding year
  • Number of students registering for MATD, DEVR, DEVW, DESL courses by demographic characteristics (ethnicity, gender, age, zip code)
  • Grade distributions for students in MATD, DEVR, DEVW, and DESL
  • Grade distributions of students in MATD, DEVR, DEVW, and DESL courses by demographic characteristics (ethnicity, gender, age, zip code)
  • Student academic performance in subsequent college level course work

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