Career Development Services for Students

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: E, Instruction
Effective date: 07/29/10

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District recognizes that students with established career goals are more persistent in completing the coursework necessary to achieve their goals.  The College deems intervention is appropriate and necessary to help students determine a career goal and increase awareness of available career development services.

Administrative Rule

Research indicates there is a relationship between psychological distress and career-related variables for undeclared college students.  The literature also indicates that career development outreach can strengthen success for underrepresented student populations.  In an effort to proactively promote the identification of a career goal and student success, ACC will place a registration hold on the records of students who have not declared a major by the completion of 15 credit hours.  The intent is to increase student awareness regarding available career development services.  The registration hold will be re-applied for students who have not declared a major by the completion of 30 credit hours.  Students who declare the following majors are subject to the registration hold:

Undeclared – AA
Undeclared – AS
Undeclared – AAS
Undeclared – Transfer
Undeclared – Certificate

Students who declare the following majors are excluded:

Undeclared- Self Improvement
Undeclared – Major Not Offered
Undeclared – Non-Degree Seeking

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