Prior Learning Assessment

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Effective date: 11/23/20
Guideline/Procedure: 5.0701.05.1

Value Statement

Austin Community College (ACC) recognizes the vast knowledge and skills of its diverse student population through prior learning assessment. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program gives students an opportunity to petition course credit for experiential learning, non-credit course completion, professional development, licensure/certification and challenge exams. Course credit is awarded when content mastered through an experience is comparable to the student learning outcomes of an ACC course. Participants benefit from reduced program costs and time toward degree completion.

Administrative Rule

  1. Austin Community College will allow students to receive college credit hours for prior learning experiences through a defined assessment processes. Practices used in assessing prior learning will align with best practices of assessment methodology.
  2. Faculty as the subject matter and academic experts will assess and recognize prior learning and will make the determination of credit awards. Credit may be granted only upon the recommendation of appropriately qualified ACC credit and the approval of the department granting credit.
  3. Students may receive credits by demonstrating college-level learning that combines theory and application.
  4. The number of credits to be granted should not exceed 75% of the credits needed for the degree.
  5. Students may receive credit only for demonstrated learning outcomes appropriate to the comparable ACC course(s) in the current course inventory.
  6. The credit award will receive a designation of “CR” on the college credit transcript. The credit award will not be used in overall GPA calculations.

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