Developmental Education: State Exemptions and Exceptions to Overall TSI Requirements (G/P)

Effective date: 02/21/13


Students who are interested in taking classes for personal enrichment/self-improvement are waived from TSI requirements. Any student who forfeits personal enrichment/self-improvement status for any reason will immediately become subject to TSI requirements.



  • The student must indicate to an advisor that it is his or her intent to take classes for personal enrichment/self-improvement. The student’s academic history and intended courses should support this claim.

Enrollment restrictions

  • Student may not enroll in more than 2 classes per semester.
  • Student must meet the skill requirement and course prerequisites for all classes taken.
  • Student may enroll in classes only through the course auditing process.
  • Students must indicate Undeclared-Taking courses for self-improvement as a major. The student type code will be listed as Self-improvement.


The advisor should make sure that, in addition to satisfying the eligibility and enrollment restrictions, the student does not appear to be following a degree plan.

Personal enrichment students are required to take an assessment for placement only, if it is necessary to determine a skill level for a particular course.

Personal enrichment students must register through an advisor every semester. A registration restriction will be placed before registration, preventing self-enrollment. A report will be run each semester for all personal enrichment/self-improvement students. A summary of the results will be announced to the Assessment and Advising Committee.

Any student that declares the Undeclared –Taking Classes for Self-improvement major and enrolls in any classes other than those chosen in the advising session will be withdrawn from those classes.

Students will have the option to change to another major to avoid withdrawal.

Students are waived from TSI requirements as long as they are able to retain personal enrichment/self-improvement status. Audited courses cannot be used to satisfy a certificate or degree requirement.

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