Assessment, Placement and Remediation Requirement for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Effective date: 5.0601.14

Value Statement

Austin Community College district is committed to the success of students and will offer appropriate placement, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) coursework, and support for those students with limited English language proficiency.

Administrative Rule

ESOL assessment testing and placement ensures that students with limited English proficiency will be placed in ESOL courses based on their ESOL assessment scores.

  1. Students who indicate limited proficiency in English will be given the 15-credit temporary waiver from the mandated TSI assessment and placed into ESOL courses.
  2. Students who have not demonstrated college-level readiness in reading and writing and whose primary language is not English will be directed to take the ESOL assessment test.
  3. Students must complete the TSI at the completion of the temporary waiver and prior to enrollment in college ready classes.
  4. Students can demonstrate college-level readiness by successful completion of exit level ESOL courses in reading and writing.

Exit level ESOL courses can be found at in the current College Catalog.

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