Assessment Requirement for Developmental Education: Developmental Math (Placement and Continuous Remediation)

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Effective date: 04/22/15

Value Statement

Austin Community College District is committed to the success of all students and will offer appropriate placement of students and, when necessary, remediation and support for those students not college ready.

Administrative Rule

Students who do not meet college readiness standards in mathematics will be placed into the appropriate level of developmental mathematics. Students will remain in remediation until they demonstrate college-level readiness in math.

The performance standards for satisfying the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirement for being college-ready in mathematics will be the performance standards set by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Students who satisfy the TSI mathematics readiness requirement by passing the state TSI Assessment are eligible to register for College Algebra (MATH 1314), Business for Math and Economics (MATH 1324), College Mathematics (MATH 1332), Mathematics for Measurement (MATH 1333), or Elementary Statistics (MATH 1342).

Students can demonstrate college-level readiness in mathematics in any of the following ways:

  • Passing the TSI state-approved tests in mathematics on the initial attempt or any subsequent attempt.
  • Earning a C or better in an exit-level developmental math course
  • Presenting a state-approved assessment score or proof of exemption, completion or waiver from TSI requirements.
  • Obtaining institutional assessment by the math department chair or by her or his designee(s).

The exit-level courses for developmental math can be found at


Students who need only Developmental Mathematics may delay taking mathematics on an exception basis approved by the Math Department Chair, Math and Sciences Instructional Dean, or Student Services Dean.

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