Withdrawal Policy: Semester Credit Courses

Administrative Rule
Council: Student Services Council
Effective date: 07/29/10


Initiation of Withdrawals

Withdrawals from a course result in a grade of “W” and may be effected through action taken by the affected student, or the course instructor, instructor’s immediate supervisor, or the appropriate administrator.

Students who wish to withdraw from specific courses should initiate withdrawal procedures with the Admissions and Records Office prior to the published deadline for withdrawals.  Students who are not withdrawn as of the established deadline will receive an “F.”  A student who is not progressing satisfactorily toward completion of course objectives may be withdrawn from the course by the instructor (see Administrative Rule 5.0701.01, Instructor Initiated Withdrawal and Appeal Policy).

Student Appeal of Instructor-Initiated Withdrawal

A student may appeal an instructor-initiated withdrawal (see Administrative Rule 5.0701.01, Instructor Initiated withdrawal and Appeal Policy).

When Withdrawals May Occur

Course withdrawals may occur at any time after the official reporting date of a semester and up to the established deadline for withdrawals in each semester.  The established deadline will be approximately three weeks prior to the end of each semester.  The specific deadline will be published in a timely manner in the appropriate College publications.

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