Alterations to ACC Property (G/P)

Effective date: 08/06/04


To ensure that any alterations to College buildings, grounds, or utilities comply and conform to all federal, state, and local code requirements and that changes are made in a fiscally responsible way, the Associate Vice President, or their designee, must approve the request in writing prior to the initiation of the work.


Alterations to ACC Owned or Leased Property

  1. Before any changes to buildings, grounds, or utilities are made, approval shall be obtained in writing from the Associate Vice President of Facilities & Operations or his/her designee. In addition, the Provost and /or Campus Manager of the campus in question must review and approve proposed changes.
  2. All changes, additions or upgrades to College buildings will be made either by members of the Buildings & Grounds work force, or under the direct supervision of Facilities & Operations representative.

All changes to and repairs of utilities will be accomplished by the Buildings & Grounds work force or, when specifically contracted by Facilities & Operations by outside contractors.

Guidelines for Obtaining Alterations to ACC Owned or Leased Property

  1. Installation of Equipment Requiring Utilities – Administrators/Budget authorities should contact Facilities & Operations, in writing, before the purchase/ acquisition of special purpose equipment requiring utility connection to other than 120V, single-phase electrical power source.
    Facilities & Operations will ensure that the college facilities are maintained in compliance with building, fire, and safety codes, as well as assist the users in determining the extent of items that must be considered in the completed installation and operation of special purpose equipment.
    The Purchasing Department should contact Facilities & Operations prior to ordering special purpose equipment to ensure compatibility of such equipment with existing building utility capacities and applicable codes.
    Installation of special purpose equipment should be accomplished under the supervision of Facilities & Operations representatives, as appointed by Associate Vice President of Facilities & Operations.
  2. Conversion of Space – Approval shall be obtained in writing from the Associate Vice President, Facilities & Operations, and reviewed/approved by the Provost and/or Campus Manager of the campus before any room or space is converted to another use.
    After approval for the intended change has been obtained, the actual changes to the building will be performed by the Buildings & Grounds staff or outside contractors under the supervision of a Facilities & Operations representative to ensure that all such changes conform to all state, federal, and local code requirements.
  3. Requests for Project Work or Work Orders Involving Changes to ACC Owned or Leased Property – Projects/Work Orders that involve renovation, remodeling of facilities or grounds, or construction of new areas, require design, cost estimating, approval, and funding.  Funding should be requested through the budget review process and approved annually by the Board Trustees.  If annual funds are not provided, then funding must come from program budgets or through funding approved by the President, Executive Vice President, or Vice President, Business Services.  It is necessary therefore, that adequate long-range planning for expansion take place at the lowest level to ensure that enough time is available to complete designs, estimate costs, secure proper approvals, and request funding.

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