Institutional Memberships

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: CC, Annual Operating Budget
Effective date: 07/19/99
  1. Certain associations, societies, and groups shall be selected for institutional memberships to be paid from College funds. These memberships are in organizations principally structured for institutions and/or those organizations that affect institutional accreditation, as well as memberships that provide objective benefits to the College or any one of its units.
  2. Decisions on memberships to be paid from College funds shall be made annually through the College budget process; memberships not approved through the annual budget process shall not be paid from College funds, except by special approval of the President.
  3. A membership that includes a subscription or any other affiliated item or benefit is subject to the provisions of this policy.
  4. Individual faculty and staff membership in professional associations is encouraged but is not required. These individual memberships must be paid for by the faculty or staff member.

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