Naming of Facilities/Public Recognition (G/P)

Effective date: 09/20/23

I.  Naming of a Building/Facility in Recognition of Financial Contributions

  1. The Austin Community College Foundation (“the Foundation”) Executive Director will work with potential donors to determine the nature and intent of a gift. The Foundation Naming Guidelines and Naming Agreement will be shared with the donor.
  2. When a naming opportunity is identified, a request will be submitted to the Foundation for approval. The Foundation will only recommend naming opportunities that involve a financial contribution. Proposals from the Foundation will be approved by the Chancellor before going forward to the ACC Board of Trustees.
  3. The request will include:
    • Proposed Name
    • Relationship to the Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College)
    • Facility to be named
    • Gift Amount
    • Biography and other background of the individual, family, organization, foundation or corporation for whom the facility is to be named.
  4. When naming of a building or facility consideration arises the following guidelines will be followed
    1. Facilities may be named for individuals, families, organizations, foundations or corporations.
    2. Proposed name will be finalized before the request is approved.
    3. During the development process, the request shall be treated confidentially; possible naming commitments will be reviewed carefully for full compliance with applicable laws and ethical principles.
    4. Naming commitments prior to this policy will be honored.
    5. Name may be forfeited if actions of the contributor or named entity call in question the public respect of ACC. If these actions cause the entity to no longer exist, the Board of Trustees may remove the name from the facility or space.
  5. Final approval for naming of a facility or building rests with the ACC Board of Trustees.
  6. Upon final approval by the ACC Board of Trustees, a Naming Agreement will be completed and signed by the donor, the Foundation and ACC.
  7. Recognition will be planned in accordance with donor wishes. Media announcements, signage, and/or campus ceremony require both donor and ACC approval.
  8. Naming opportunities for buildings, facilities, and common area include:New Buildings
    For naming opportunities involving building construction, the donor will provide at least 50% of construction costs.

    Existing Buildings
    The contribution will be 50% of the building’s replacement cost.

    Renovated Facilities
    Renovation projects costing $1,000,000 or more may be named with a gift of at least one half of the total project cost.  Projects costing less than $1,000,000 may be named with a gift of at least three quarters of the total project cost.

    Existing Facilities
    For existing facilities, contribution levels will be proposed by the Foundation, and approved by the Chancellor before going forward to the ACC Board of Trustees.

II. Naming of a Building/Facility for Honorary Purposes

The College administration may consider and determine appropriate recognition of individuals, businesses or organizations who have made a significant contribution to ACC that is not financial in nature.  Such honorary recognition may include naming of an ACC building or facility.

A request for honorary recognition shall be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office and include:

  • Name of individual, organization or business to be recognized,
  • Relationship to ACC
  • Recommended means of recognition
  • Description of Contribution to ACC, and
  • Background information on the individual, organization or business.

Requests for naming an ACC building or facility for honorary purposes shall be approved by the Chancellor before going forward to the ACC Board of Trustees.

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