Parking Regulations, Permits and Enforcement

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 09/08/15
Guideline/Procedure: 3.0803.01.1

Value Statement

Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) in the interest of ensuring the safety of its students and the public, and to promote efficient campus operations, will establish consistent rules and regulations governing parking, parking permits and traffic control.

Administrative Rule

  1. In accordance with the authority granted by the Texas Education Code, Subchapter E, § 51.202, ACC has developed regulations to control parking, traffic and use of parking facilities; to provide for the purchase and issuance of parking permits; and to provide for jurisdiction over violations. Applicable laws of the State of Texas governing and regulating traffic are incorporated herein by reference. The operation of a motor vehicle on ACC property is a privilege granted by the College rather than a right. ACC reserves the right to suspend or revoke an individual’s privilege to operate a motor vehicle on ACC premises.
  2. Regulation and enforcement of parking will be consistent college wide as set forth by ACC Parking Rules and Regulations. These regulations will set forth specific rules governing student and employee parking privileges and specific sanctions and fines for violation of those rules by employees, students or the public.
  3. The ACC District Police Department has been charged with the authority to enforce these regulations, including the right to impound vehicles for specific violations and recurring violations.
  4. All parking on ACC campuses is by permit only, unless otherwise noted in the Parking Rules and Regulations. All ACC employees and students are required to obtain and properly display a valid parking permit when parked on ACC property. Procedures are established to govern parking privileges for visitors and other groups.
  5. Each driver on ACC property is responsible for knowing and following the laws and College regulations. The fact that a violation notice is not issued when a violation occurs does not imply that the regulation or law is not in effect. Enforcement of ACC Parking Rules and Regulations is based on the premise that any parking or traffic control device, sign, signal or marking that was in place at any location on the campus at the time a citation is issued, is official and has been installed by proper College authority and thereby constitutes direct evidence.
  6. The College assumes no responsibility for any vehicle or its content while the vehicle is parked or operated on College property.

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