Forms Management

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 11/14/02


The purposes of forms management are to maintain a centralized inventory of all College forms; to develop standards for creation and design of new forms; to reduce the number of forms; to develop consistency across the College; and to improve communication within the College. All College forms will be maintained through the Office of Records Management.

Records Management Responsibilities

The Office of Records Management will maintain the inventory of all College forms, establish College design and specification criteria for the standardization of all College forms, assist in the preparation of forms, review forms used by all areas of the College, and make recommendations.

Records Management will develop an inventory tracking system, assign an authorization number to each approved form, and develop and maintain the College forms website.


All areas of the College will work with the Office of Records Management in meeting the purpose and intent of the rules and procedures outlining the creation and maintenance of College forms.   No College form will be printed or reproduced unless it has been approved by the Office of Records Management in accordance with this Rule and the corresponding procedures.

Definition of College Forms

College forms shall be defined as:

  • forms used by more than one office/department/campus
  • forms that contain a distribution list
  • forms completed by faculty, staff, students or members of the general public

Non-college forms shall be defined as:

  • forms used internally by a single office/department/campus that remain in that office/department/campus
  • forms created and used by employee and student organizations
  • forms from external agencies

Electronic forms shall be defined as on-screen documents used to collect information.

Level 1 –   forms that are filled in and printed

Level 2 –   forms that collect data and generate a report. (Example: surveys, Budget Transfer)

Level 3 –   forms that gather information that must be verified and uploaded to Datatel (Example: HR Address Change; HR Personnel Authorization)

Level 4 –   forms that are part of a system (Example: eStaffing, eTime, Budget Development system)

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