Keys and Access Control Cards

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: CH, Site Management
Effective date: 04/09/03

Keys and access control cards shall be distributed and used only for authorized purposes. They must be accounted for at all times, and returned to their normal place of safekeeping as soon as possible after use. All keys and access control cards are the property of Austin Community College and must be surrendered immediately upon request of the ACC authorized personnel, and upon termination of employment. Security of keys and access control cards must be maintained. Loaning keys or access control cards is not allowed, nor should keys be left hanging on walls or stored in an unlocked desk or file cabinet. Lost keys must be reported immediately to the Campus Police office. Employees may not install locking devices on any ACC Facility, furniture, or equipment. Any non-standard locking device found on College property will be removed and destroyed.

Unauthorized duplication of ACC keys or the loan of a key or card to unauthorized persons may be grounds for disciplinary action or termination of employment.

Issuance of Door Keys and Access Cards – Door keys and access control cards are issued by Campus Police. A Supervisor may request keys or access control cards for an ACC employee using the ACC Key Request Form available through the Campus Police or the Intranet. Campus Police will retain a copy of the completed ACC Key Request Form and the supervisor shall place a copy in the individual’s personnel file. The Key Request Form must contain the approvals listed below before Campus Police will issue a key.

Additional Key Requests – Each new request for keys must be accompanied by a new form. This will insure that the supervisor is current with the key request.

Responsibility for Keys and Access CardsEach individual employee and the employee’s supervisor are responsible for the safekeeping and return of any ACC keys or access control cards issued to them. Supervisors are responsible for control of keys/access control cards to offices, furniture, vehicles, departmental equipment, and padlocks. The supervisor will keep a log to track of who is in possession of keys and access control cards. A copy of each department’s “key access” sheet will be given to the Campus Police. An audit of keys, either by Campus Police and/or supervisors, should be done at the beginning of each semester.

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