Program Maps Process

The primary source for a program map is the catalog award plan. As of catalog 2019-2020, program maps are generated fully online and accessible in the Curriculum Management System (CMS) system next to their respective award plan listing, on the ACC Catalog Archives page, on the college’s Program Maps page, and within ACC’s Academic & Career Programs site. Program maps prior to 2019 are accessible via the Guided Pathways Mapping site. Program Maps listed by Area of Study is also available via CMS.

Please Note: Once a program map has been approved for inclusion in the catalog, any additional revisions, such as to the department name, award plan title, award type, course information/credit hours, and prerequisite/corequisite courses, must first be approved by the Curriculum & Programs Committee before the award plan’s program map can be updated since these changes affect the catalog. For any questions, please contact Georgia Branch, For all other edits to a program map, follow the process below.

Update a current program map

  1. The following updates can be processed without Curriculum & Programs Committee approval:
    – Department Chair contact information
    – Department Website
    – Program (Award Plan) Description
    – Pre-Degree Requirements
    – Program (Award Plan) Course Information, Credit Hour Typos
    – Advising Notes (Award Plan Footnote) Typos
    – Transfer Information
    – Career Information
  2. Submit Update(s) to CMS Program Maps via the Online Form, as well as attach any clarifying documentation, if needed.
  3. See note above regarding all other updates that require Curriculum and Programs Committee approval. Refer to the Helpful Resources section below for proposal packet documentation requirements.
  4. If there are any questions about the requested updates, the requester will be contacted.
  5. Updates to a program map are generally processed within one week.
  6. Notification is sent to the requester that edits are completed and the program map has been updated.
  7. The requester will need to proof the revised program map and provide feedback, if needed, to Georgia Branch via email:

Create a program map for a new award

  1. Develop the new award plan to be included in your proposal packet documentation for the Curriculum & Programs Committee meeting agenda binder by following the established guidelines: Guidelines for New Program Maps
  2. After the new award plan has been approved through the Curriculum and Programs Committee (and any other approvals as needed), it will first be entered into the Curriculum Management System (CMS) and then into the Ellucian Colleague degree audit system. The corresponding program map is automatically generated based on the award plan information entered into both these systems. The new program map will be available via the catalog award plan pages in CMS and the corresponding Areas of Study program page. It will also be accessible via Areas of Study Advising page.
  3. Notification is sent to the requester that the approved program map has been added to CMS and the new program map is available online.
  4. The requester should proof the updated program map available in CMS and provide feedback, if needed, to Georgia Branch via email:


Curriculum and Programs Committee – Meetings are held monthly at HBC; check committee website for specific meeting information, memberships, and functions. Proposal packets are due to the Office of Curriculum Development via email attachment at least two weeks (10 working days) prior to the actual meeting date. Department Chairs are required to attend Curriculum and Programs Committee meetings to discuss proposals unless the proposal is a Consent Agenda Item. Consent items are typical ACGM/WECM required changes (consent items still require complete proposal packets for inclusion in committee agendas). Complete proposal packets for new programs, program revisions, and consent items include:

  1. Appropriate INSS Program form, with all approval signatures, for each award (see Forms Inventory-Instruction)
  2. Workforce Advisory Committee Minutes or Academic Department Meeting Minutes (when new award/program revisions were discussed, voted on, and approved)
  3. Proposed Program Map for next catalog (see procedures to create proposed program map)
  4. Stackable credential identified in the Program Map Description, if applicable (C1 to AAS, etc.)
  5. Field of Study identified in the Program Map Description, if applicable
  6. Additional supporting documentation (for new programs)
  7. CMS course form(s) as needed to support the proposal

Curriculum & Programs Committee Forms:

Schedule Development Helpful Links (for THECB information):

SACSCOC Substantive Change Overview and Policy:

Areas of Study website:

Catalog Award Plans and Course Descriptions:

Catalog Program Maps:

Office of Curriculum Development:

For questions regarding the program map process, please contact Georgia Branch:

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