About Missing Assignments

Deadlines in my courses are firm. I give you a course calendar at the beginning of the term that includes all deadlines for the course. Should a deadline change, I will inform you of the change in writing.

I forgot to complete an assignment. Can I make it up?

No, I do not allow for make-up assignments. Some assignments affect the grade more than others. Please review the grade breakdown in the course syllabus.

I missed an activity that we completed during class. Can I make it up?

The answer for this question is that same as the one above.

Can I turn work in late?

Once a deadline has passed, I no longer accept submissions for that assignment.

I was gone the day that a major assignment or exam was completed. When can I make it up?

Contacting me after you have missed an assignment or exam generally will mean that you are not able to make it up. If the assignment you missed is completed in pairs or as part of the group, you will not be able to make it up.

Under some circumstances, I may offer you a chance to make up a major assignment or exam. In order to be eligible to make up a major assignment or exam, you will need to provide documentation showing a legitimate reason for missing. Major assignments and exams that are completed after the deadline will receive a 25% grade penalty. I may waive that penalty, based on the documentation you provide.

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