About Class Meetings

I missed last class. What did we do?

I have listed the material we will cover for each class meeting on the course calendar. If you miss class, you are responsible for getting notes from a classmate.

What are we doing next class? Is anything due?

I teach between 5 and 7 classes per term, so I cannot keep information about what each course meeting entails in my head. For every class meeting, you should review your course calendar and log in to Blackboard so that you can complete anything that is due.

I have another commitment. Can I leave early or come to class late?

I have asked that you commit to every class meeting for the FULL meeting time. If you miss more than 20 minutes of a class meeting, you are counted absent.

I missed last class because I was sick. Do you need a doctor’s note?

I allot a specific number of absences that do not affect your grade. You may use these absences however you wish. I only need or accept documentation in the event that I request it.

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