About Grades

I know that you care about your grades. I also think that your grades are important.

What is my grade in this class?

I have set up the “My Grades” tool to show your current grade in the course. This grade will go up and down as assignments are graded. You’ll also see a “Grade out of 100%” which shows what your grade would be if you did nothing else in the course.

I just submitted an assignment. When will it be graded?

I return grades within two weeks after an assignment is submitted. I e-mail the class when the grade center is updated.

Why did I get the grade I did?

I grade based only on the stated grading criteria for the assignment. I provide feedback for your performance on the rubric linked to that grade in the “My Grades” tool in Blackboard.

I’m still confused about why I got the grade I did. Can I e-mail you about it?

No, federal privacy laws dictate that I can only discuss specifics about your grades with you in person or via video chat. I can answer general questions about grades in the course, like how much an assignment is worth, via e-mail, because that information is published online in a publicly accessible forum.


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