About Appointment Sign-Ups

For specified assignments, I require students to sign up for a specific appointment time and day using Sign Up Genius. There is no cost for students to sign up for appointments on the sign-ups that I have created.

How do I set up a Sign Up Genius account?

You don’t need an account. You will sign up using your name and e-mail. Be sure to enter your e-mail correctly so that you can get your appointment reminder!

I don’t see the link to sign up for an appointment. What do I do?

First, check to see that you have marked the assignment as reviewed. I require students to mark the assignment as reviewed before they will be able to access the link to sign up.

I forgot to sign up for an appointment. Can I sign up now?

I will assign you an open appointment time. Not signing up for an appointment does affect your grade for the assignment. Please see the grading rubric.

When is my appointment?

I expect you to keep track of this important information yourself. When you sign up for the appointment, you can create a calendar item, and you will receive an e-mail from Sign-Up Genius confirming your appointment. I also have Sign Up Genius set to e-mail you a reminder 1 day before your appointment to the e-mail you used to sign up

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