Textbook Ordering Information

Course Materials/Textbook Order Due Dates

Course Materials Order Administrative Rule 4.01.006: All staffed sections are required to have course materials ordered via FacultyEnlight by the first day of registration for each semester, which includes identifying sections using online learning materials (First Day “Inclusive Access”, Open Educational Resources (OER), Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC), OpenStax, etc.) or that no materials are required. 

For any questions regarding deadlines, including First Day, please contact Bookstore General Manager Jeanette Lien (GM130@bncollege.com).

Bookstore Contract Deadlines – submit orders for course materials, including OER and ZTC resources, via FacultyEnlight (OER/ZTC orders – enter ISBN 2816000129614; Author: AUSTIN CC; Publisher: AUSTIN CC)
Fall Semester: April 1 
Spring Semester: October 1
Summer Semester: March 1

First Day (Inclusive Access) & ZTC/OER Spring 2021 Deadline – submit orders via FacultyEnlight (Enter ISBN: 2816000129270; Author: AUSTIN CC; Publisher: AUSTIN CC)
Spring 2021: October 2

ZTC/OER Spreadsheet – identify Spring 2021 ZTC (Zero Textbook Costs), formally known as OER, sections in the spreadsheet following the instructions on first tab.

First Day (Inclusive Access) Summer 2021 Deadline
Summer 2021: March 3 – Complete Bookstore’s Summer 2021 First Day Ordering information form
11-23-20 DRAFT_ Inclusive Fee Flow Chart Process – Summer 2021

Course Packet Order Due Dates
Fall Semester – March 1
Spring Semester – September 1
Summer Semester – February 1

Bookstore Information for FACULTY and DEPARTMENTS

Note: Refer students to the Bookstore’s Customized Textbook List via the ACC Bookstore site to look up the textbooks/course materials you selected for your classes, once orders (adoptions) have been processed by the Bookstore. Additionally, general information pertaining to bookstores is provided at austincc.edu/students/textbooks-and-supplies.

Additional Instructional Materials Resources

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