Textbook Ordering Information

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Textbook Order Reports
Information (pricing, updated ISBNs, order changes, etc.) pertaining to processed textbook orders will be available on the Bookstore website and via the ‘Textbooks’ links provided in the online schedule after registration begins and once the orders have been stocked in the campus bookstores.
Note: textbook orders submitted via B&N’s FacultyEnlight system, https://www.facultyenlight.com/, will not appear in ACC’s Ellucian Textbook Ordering/Online Services systems; contact Bookstore Textbook Manager Amy Hankey, TM523@bncollege.com, for FacultyEnlight status reports for your program.

Updated Ellucian and FacultyEnlight textbook order status reports can be obtained by contacting your program chair’s office, Instructional Support Services (ISS), or the Bookstore’s Textbook Manager Amy Hankey (TM523@bncollege.com).

Textbook Order Due Dates – Bookstore Contract Deadlines (Online Services and eStaffing order deadlines may vary slightly — refer to the eStaffing Calendar for specific dates)
Fall Semester – April 1
Spring Semester – October 1
Summer Semester – March 1

Course Packets Order Due Dates (See CoursePack Ordering Procedures)
Fall Semester – March 1
Spring Semester – September 1
Summer Semester – February 1

Textbook Inventory  – Ellucian (XMS2) Course Materials Inventory: 03-28-17 XMS2 Textbook Inventory.xlsx

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