Textbook Ordering Information

Course Materials/Textbook Order Due Dates

Course Materials Order Administrative Rule 4.01.006: All staffed sections are required to have course materials ordered via FacultyEnlight by the first day of registration for each semester, which includes identifying sections using online learning materials (First Day “Inclusive Access”, Open Educational Resources, OpenStax, etc.) or that no materials are required. 

Bookstore Contract Deadlines
Fall Semester – April 1 
Spring Semester – October 1
Summer Semester – March 1
First Day Deadlines 2019 (including OER)
Summer Semester – March 5, 2019 
Fall Semester – April 12, 2019
Course Packets Order Due Dates
Fall Semester – March 1
Spring Semester – September 1
Summer Semester – February 1

Summer 2019 Bookstore Approved ISBNs for First Day and ZTC
First Day – ISBN 2816000129270
ZTC – ISBN 2816000129614

Bookstore Information for FACULTY and DEPARTMENTS

Note: Refer students to the Bookstore’s Customized Textbook List via the ACC  Bookstore site to look up the textbooks/course materials you selected for your classes, once orders (adoptions) have been processed by the Bookstore. Additionally, general information pertaining to bookstores is provided at austincc.edu/students/textbooks-and-supplies.

  • FacultyEnlight – an online faculty and staff resource for researching, adopting (ordering) and sharing insights about textbooks and course materials. Accessed via austin.bncollege.com; at the top right side of the page, click the Faculty Resources link.
    – Search textbooks by ISBN, author, and/or title
    – View available formats of the selected ISBN and estimated student price
    – Search textbooks other schools are using by discipline
    – Request desk copies from publishers when available
    – Make lists and see past online adoptions (selections)
    – FacultyEnlight Demo Video (8 minutes)
    – Using FacultyEnlight – online training guide for faculty
    – FacultyEnlight Editing Adoptions Guide – instructions on how to view, edit, cancel previously submitted adoptions
    – FacultyEnlight User’s Guide with Admin Feature – instructions for the designated point person who coordinates the course materials/textbook ordering process for their department
     09-12-17 Textbook Orders via FacultyEnlight Memo to Deans, DC, Admins
  • ACC Bookstore Central Office – refer students to austin.bncollege.com to view textbooks by semester with cost and format options, find out information on rental and eBooks, order textbooks online, look up what textbooks are worth if sold back, Bookstore hours, etc.
  • To receive a listing of textbooks and editions that were ordered and stocked in the campus Bookstores or for any other type of textbook order status report, email your request to: TM523@bncollege.com or GM130@bncollege.com
  • Bookstore Contact Information
  • Bookstore Hours of Operation– TBA
  • Bookstore Delivery Locations
    • Delivery campus is associated with the scheduled course section information.
    • Textbooks are delivered to the campus where the section is being taught or the closest campus if taught at a center or site.
    • Distance Learning sections are ordered online for home delivery (austin.bncollege.com)
  • Course Materials Order Reports – Information (pricing, updated ISBNs, order changes, etc.) pertaining to processed course materials/textbook orders will be available on the Bookstore website and via the ‘Textbooks’ links provided in the online schedule by the time registration begins, once the orders have been stocked in the campus bookstores.
    Note: Updated FacultyEnlight composite course materials order reports can be obtained by contacting your department’s administrative assistant/designated order approver or Bookstore Manager Amy Hankey (TM523@bncollege.com). For status reports on sections without course materials orders for your program, contact Bookstore Manager Amy Hankey (TM523@bncollege.com).

Additional Textbook Ordering Resources

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