Kaleidoscope: Austin Graffiti

Photos by Jacqueline Torres, Photographer

This month Accent searched for some of the best street art in the city.  From iconic figures to creatures straight from the artist’s imagination, Austin’s graffiti is a vibrant, evolving part of the city.

Mural of state map
STATE MAP — The area near the University of Texas off Guadalupe Street can be thought of as the perfect location for many Austin based murals. This mural was an interesting interpretation of a Texas map.
Skeleton mural
SPRAYPAINTING SKELETON — It is not known if the skeleton man and the graffiti words on 11th and Baylor Street were made by the same artist. It appears as though the skeleton man was placed there to seem as if he were the artist.
Octopus mural
SEVEN EYES — This unique piece of work with the body of an octopus and the face of a girl who appears to be crying is located on 11th and Baylor Street. The hand-painted piece created by a young lady, and the undersea Poseidon mural it was part of, was later drizzled over with pink paint.
Stephen F. Austin mural
THE FOUNDER — This mural depicts Stephen F. Austin and many iconic landmarks found in Ausitn, Texas. Stephen F. Austin was an important figure in bringing the first families to Texas.
Tower mural
THE TOWER — This mural of the UT Tower is located near the University of Texas, off Guadalupe Street.
Wild Thing mural
WILD THING — I Luv Video, off Guadalupe Street, is known for their unique videos and toys. The I Luv Video owners decorated the outside of their business with an image inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are.”
Longhorn skull mural
DEAD BEVO — A Texas longhorn skull is painted on a wall behind Ruby’s BBQ off the Drag. Ruby’s BBQ was opened on November of 1988.
Frank Shepard Fairey mural
OBEY PROPAGANDA — Frank Shepard Fairey is a graphic designer and illustrator who began his artwork with a sticker he created in 1989. Located off South Congress, this wall was turned into a collage of his Obey propaganda.
Pee Wee Herman mural
DON’T HATE — This colorful piece showcases the comical character Pee-wee Herman. Boards posted up behind Home Slice on Congress were painted over to create a pleasant view rather than an eyesore.
Wall of graffiti
GRAFFITI WALL — Taggers debase walls on 11th and Baylor Street initially meant for local graffiti artists. Dick Clark (owner) was contacted by the HOPE Campaign with the idea of turning his stalled condominium development into an outdoor gallery.
Lion mural
SCREAMING LION — This ear-pierced lion seems to be escaping from the wall. Located on 11th and Baylor Street, this was one of the few pieces that had lasted more than a month without being painted over.


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