ACC Highland Campus on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

ACC Bond Construction Projects

Something exciting is starting here

In November 2014, ACC District voters approved two bond proposals representing $386 million in collegewide capital improvements.

These projects will lead to advanced facilities for providing students with the skills, knowledge, and real-world experience needed for today’s jobs.

We are grateful for the community’s support. Together, we will shape higher education and career-technical training for years to come.

Stay informed on bond projects

View construction projects by campus below.  Return here for updates.

Elgin Campus

  • New instructional building
  • Veterinary Technology training facilities
  • Sustainable Agriculture training facilities

Elgin Campus Updates »

Hays Campus

  • New instructional building
  • First responder training facilities
  • Increased parking

Hays Campus Updates »

ACC Highland 

  • Abatement & renovations to former mall
  • Business incubator space

ACC Highland Updates »

Rio Grande Campus

  • Renovations to Main Building 1000
  • 139,000 square feet

Rio Grande Campus Updates »

Round Rock Campus

  • New instructional building
  • Central plant expansion
  • Increased parking

Round Rock Campus Updates »

San Gabriel Campus

  • Comprehensive campus
  • 100 acres adjacent to MetroRail

San Gabriel Campus Updates »

Land Banking | Regional Workforce Center

Nursing Students

  • Land purchase in southeast Travis County for a regional workforce center

Regional Workforce Center Updates (S.E. Travis County) »

Multicampus Renovations

Rio Grande Campus Testing Center

  • Health, safety, sustainability, and technology upgrades and renovations

Multicampus Renovation Updates »

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Projects map

Locations of Proposed Bond Projects

Locations of Proposed Bond Projects

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