Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee Official Charge

The Austin Community College District 2014 Bond Oversight Advisory Committee (BOAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the ACC District Board of Trustees. The committee provides community oversight of the 2014 Bond Program to monitor efficiency, equity, timeliness, and accountability, in the implementation of the capital projects approved by ACC District voters in the November 4, 2014 bond election.To accomplish its purpose, the BOAC will:

  •  Determine Committee organizational structure and processes.
  • Meet at least twice per fiscal year, and issue at least two written reports to the ACC District Board on Committee proceedings.
  • Monitor the timing and progress of voter approved projects.
  • Review the budget and budget status of the overall bond program, and its individual projects.
  • Ensure that general contractors seek Better Builder/Workers Defense Program certification.
  • Monitor diversity utilization including Historically Underutilized Business and/or Minority-owned or Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE).
  • Review scope changes in the bond program that may become necessary due to unanticipated conditions.
  • Provide input from the community on issues related to the 2014 bond program.

Membership – Each ACC Trustee will appoint one member to the 2014 BOAC, with additional members appointed by the Board as a whole.

Member Terms – Each appointee will serve a three-year term. Initial membership terms may be staggered to provide continuity to the committee.

Conflict of Interest/Waiver of Interest – At ACC District Board discretion, appointees may be asked to sign conflict of interest statements to disclose any financial or other interest that might cloud the objectivity of the appointees in their oversight role on the committee.

Support – ACC District will provide staff support and other resources to serve the committee’s informational and administrative needs as necessary.

Duration of Committee – The committee will exist until one year after the 2014 bond projects approved by voters have been completed and are in service.

Committee Charge (PDF)

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