Information Session Post Test

Question 1

A cardiac interventional radiographer who is monitoring a cardiac cath lab procedure might be:

Question 2

The following are required to earn CI credentials from the ARRT:

Question 3

Approximately how many learners are accepted into the CI program for each cohort?

Question 4

Undeclared students:

Question 5

Declared students:

Question 6

Which of the following phrases/terms are most closely associated with “ionizing radiation”?

Question 7

Completing the drug screen and providing proof of health insurance should be completed:

Question 8

Which of the following is NOT an essential function or technical standard of a cardiac interventional radiographer?

Question 9

Which topic is not covered as part of the didactic portion of the Cardiac Interventional program at ACC?

Question 10

Applicants with questions regarding the Cardiac Interventional program may:

Question 11

A student who earns a 74.3% course grade in the CI program:

Question 12

Which of the following medical professionals might work in the cardiac catheterization lab?

Question 13

An applicant who seeks to enroll in the CI program through the declared track will require:

  1. Didactic Courses
  2. Clinical Courses
  3. Ethics Courses

Question 14

Applications for the Cardiac Interventional Radiography program are:

Question 15

Didactic coursework will require the learner to: