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ABC’s of Serving Students with Disabilities in Health Sciences

Injury and Illness Claims

Student Accident Claims

Do not send to the Hartford address displayed on the form. Contact information for student accident insurance claims is available on the Student Insurance page.

Campus Carry Handbook (revised July 13, 2017)


It is not necessary to send the actual flu shot record for each student. For your programs, please attest to students receiving flu shots who have been on site on or after September 1, 2020. This includes students who were welcomed on site earlier in the year, but were still there after September 1 when the flu shot requirement went into effect.

The Ascension Flu Vaccine Attestation Form should be sent to your respective Ascension program contact: the individual who usually process the placements/schedules/attestations for your program. For example, the Surgical Technology, ADN, EMT, and Paramedic students are all processed through Kristin Milliorn.

Ascension only needs attestation of the flu shot once per flu season (September 1 – March 31). For students coming on site (for the first time or repeats) in Spring, the flu vaccine attestation should be included in the main attestation form. If it is not, you can use the form as a supplement for any new students not captured in the Fall.

St. David's HealthCare

The St. David’s Flu Vaccine Attestation Form must be sent to Suzanne Sprott at Suzanne.Sprott@stdavids.com. She will forward it to the appropriate department for each program.

VPN Setup: Supervisor needs to send a message to acctech@austincc.edu giving permission for the employee to have access. For on-campus access, please follow these instructions.

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