Information Session Post Test

Question 1

Which semesters have courses that are delivered in a distance learning format and will include the use of Blackboard Learning Management System:

Question 2

The applicant must state that he/she is able to meet the OTA Technical Standards and Essential Functions

Question 3

The Criminal Background Check is completed by the Occupational Therapy Assistant applicant

Question 4

Which immunizations are required for admission into the program?

Question 5

The Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology course must be completed within:

Question 6

Students must successfully pass with a minimum of a 73% in all courses and every semester to progress to the next level (semester) in the OTA Program.

Question 7

The OTA application must be submitted with:

Question 8

The OTA classes can be taken in the evening.

Question 9

Critical skills that an OTA student must have are:

Question 10

ACC OTA students may be assigned to any clinical facility utilized by the OTA programs.