Information Session Post Test

Question 1

The clinical experience is an important part of the program structure. This experience is supervised by:

Question 2

Which statement most accurately describes the role of the PTA in provision of physical therapy services? A PTA:

Question 3

Which of the following is correct regarding the PTA technical courses on the degree plan?

Question 4

In addition to tuition, students are responsible for the cost of (select all appropriate responses):

Question 5

The PTA program is a full-time course of study and should be the student's focus in terms of time and resources.

Question 6

To obtain licensure, a candidate must graduate from an accredited PT or PTA program. Which of the following accredits the ACC PTA program?

Question 7

Before a successful graduate can practice as a PTA, they must:

Question 8

Which of the following is true? (select all appropriate responses)

Question 9

To find out more about the physical therapy profession, the applicant could go to the:

Question 10

Which of the following is not an admission criteria?