Post Test

Information Session Post Test

Question 1

The criminal background check is completed by the Radiology applicant:

Question 2

Admission to Austin Community College guarantees admission to the DMI-Radiology program.

Question 3

All students wanting to apply to a Health Sciences program should start their application by uploading their immunization record to CastleBranch.

Question 4

A positive drug test can result in:

Question 5

The DMI-Radiology program is located at (select all that apply):

Question 6

The ability to communicate proficiently in the English language with patients and fellow members of the health care team is an essential function required to be successful in the DMI-Radiology program.

Question 7

The fall application deadline is __________ of each year.

Question 8

CBD products may have the ability to cause a positive drug test.

Question 9

Which credentialing body ensures the DMI-Radiology program maintains high educational standards?

Question 10

It is highly recommended that students have access to reliable transportation due to the varying clinical placements they may encounter during their clinical semesters.

Question 11

Graduates of an accredited radiology program are able to sit and write the credentialing examination administered by:

Question 12

Students with disabilities in need of support or special accommodations must request reasonable accommodations through which office?

Question 13

All application requirements must be completed prior to the application deadline.

Question 14

Initial and continued proof of acceptable health insurance for all health science students enrolled in clinical courses is a requirement of Austin Community College and its clinical affiliates.

Question 15

It is recommended that the DMI-Radiology program applicants submit prior felony and/or misdemeanor conviction documents to the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and to the Texas Medical Board (TMB) to determine credentialing eligibility.