ADN Traditional Track Post Test

Question 1
The Biology Department at ACC requires that any student wanting to register for BIOL 2401: Anatomy & Physiology I and BIOL 2402: Anatomy & Physiology II take and pass the required assessment test in order to receive a petition to register.

Question 2

All _______ of the prerequisite courses must be complete to submit an application during one of our application periods.

Question 3

The Traditional Track nursing program is considered to be a two year program; but will actually take longer to complete because of the prerequisites.

Question 4
The ADN program is fully accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and the _________ .

Question 5
Students can apply to the program while taking prerequisite courses as long as the HESI test has been completed.

Question 6
Non-nursing courses (corequisites) within the nursing degree plan must be taken prior to admission to the Traditional Track nursing program.

Question 7
The microbiology requirement can be met by successfully completing __________ .

Question 8
The minimum acceptable GPA for the four prerequisites for admission to the ADN Program is at least __________ .

Question 9
When evaluating the success of a nursing program, it is important to consider:

Question 10

The on-site option is the traditional lecture format in a classroom setting and is available at our Eastview (EVC) campus, Round Rock (RRC) campus and __________ .

Question 11
ALL biology courses within the nursing degree plan must have been completed within 5 years of submitting an application to the ADN program.

Question 12

A prospective student who is currently unlicensed would apply for which track in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at ACC?

Question 13
We have Skills/Simulation Labs located at four of our campus locations: Eastview, Clinical Education Center, Round Rock and Cypress Creek campuses.

Question 14
The best place to access the most current information about the Associate Degree Nursing Program is at the following website:

Question 15

Students who have previously applied to the ADN Program are required to reapply prior to each application deadline in order to stay in the applicant pool.