Post Test

Information Session Post Test

Question 1

Which of the following words can be used to describe the work of a sonographer?

Question 2

The Criminal Background Check is completed by the Sonography applicant

Question 3

ACC Sonography students may be assigned to any clinical facility utilized by the Sonography Programs.

Question 4

One difference between sonography and other medical imaging modalities is that sonography requires

Question 5

The ACC Sonography courses are taught at

Question 6

The deadline for submitting an application for admission to a Sonography Program is

Question 7

Personal factors that an applicant should consider prior to applying to a Sonography Program include

Question 8

ACC Sonography Programs are competency-based programs of study, therefore students must be successful in all courses each and every semester to progress to the next level (semester) in the Program.

Question 9

The applicant must state that he/she is able to meet the Sonography Technical Standards and Essential Functions

Question 10

Graduates of the ACC Sonography Programs are qualified to apply to take the credentialing exams under ARDMS prerequisite #2. This means that graduates can apply for the exams

Question 11

Which of the two AAS Sonography Programs requires the students to learn to perform velocity, pressure, and chamber area calculations as part of the sonographic exam?

Question 12

Which of the following is true concerning Sonography?

Question 13

An applicant must possess strong math and science skills

Question 14

Performing a sonographic exam is an active process in which the sonographer is constantly assessing the patient by adjusting and directing the ultrasound beam to obtain diagnostic quality visualization of the internal organs and structures.

Question 15

Students are required to submit proof of required immunizations when submitting an application for admission to a Sonography Program. These immunizations include:

Question 16

The number of students that can be placed in clinical sites during the Sonography Program is determined by programmatic (CAAHEP) accreditation and

Question 17

The CNA training is required so that applicants learn

Question 18

Critical skills that sonographers use include (check all that apply):

Question 19

The Sonography Programs Admission Process uses only subjective criteria for class selection. The Applicant Ranking Worksheet clearly states the points awarded for each criteria.

Question 20

What are the instructions for taking the Ultrasound Student Assessment (USA) as part of the application process?

Question 21

The ACC Sonography Programs hold programmatic accreditation from the

Question 22

Which Sonography Program is the most rigorous?

Question 23

How many times can a potential applicant retake one or more of the prerequisite college courses for a higher grade?

Question 24

Communication skills required of sonographers include