Post Test

Information Session Post Test

Question 1

Students must be successful in all courses in a semester before moving to the next semester.

Question 2

Surgical Technology only offers a certificate program.

Question 3

Surgical Technology courses can be taken at your own pace.

Question 4

Which of the following technical standards are required of a Surgical Technology student?

Question 5

I can choose my own clinical site.

Question 6

I must submit my application with:

Question 7

The criminal background check can be done at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Question 8

Pharmacology for Health Professions and a math class must be completed before you graduate from either the certificate or the associate degree.

Question 9

The criminal background check must be submitted at the same time as the application.

Question 10

All applicants are required to submit documentation of a negative drug screen with their application.

Question 11

How long is the Surgical Technology Certificate Program once you enter the program?

Question 12

I can submit my application while I am completing my prerequisites.

Question 13

The prerequisites for both the certificate and AAS are: (check all that apply)

Question 14

All Surgical Technology program classes must be taken at the Eastview or Round Rock campuses.