Post Test

Information Session Post Test

Question 1

I must submit my application with:

Question 2

How long is the Surgical Technology Associate Program once you enter the program?

Question 3

The criminal background check must be submitted at the same time as the application.

Question 4

All Surgical Technology program classes must be taken at the Eastview or Round Rock campuses.

Question 5

Students must be successful in all courses in a semester before moving to the next semester.

Question 6

All applicants are required to submit documentation of a negative drug screen with their application.

Question 7

Surgical Technology only offers a certificate program.

Question 8

I can submit my application while I am completing my prerequisites.

Question 9

Surgical Technology courses can be taken at your own pace.

Question 10

The criminal background check can be done at the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Question 11

Which of the following technical standards are required of a Surgical Technology student?

Question 12

Students may be required to travel more than 50 miles to attend a clinical site.

Question 13

I can choose my own clinical site.

Question 14

Pharmacology for Health Professions and a math class must be completed before you graduate from the associate degree.