Graduation Information

Graduation Information for Traditional Daytime Track Students

The instructions and application for initial licensure are linked below for your review. Please note that you must now submit the application 90 days prior to graduation (during the first few weeks of the final semester of the nursing program).

The Texas Board of Nursing now requires all nurses (and applicants) to create an account with the Board through the Nurse Portal. This is a confidential and secure system that allows applicants to apply for nurse licensure by examination, endorsement, or renewal. In order for you to pay the BON $100 fee that is required, you must first create an account. If you already paid the fee, you still need to create an account. Click here to get started.

First, click on “how to create a nurse portal account without an existing nursing license.” Please watch the video before you create an account. Then go back to the link above and click on “click here to go to the Texas Nurse Portal”. Create an account. Use an email that you will have for the next couple of years and not your school email.

Watch the video “How to submit a NCLEX application to the Texas Nurse Portal”. Then go back to link above and click on “click here to go to the Texas Nurse Portal” again. Log in to your account. Click on apply for license and choose NCLEX PN Application-U.S. Graduates. On the next screen, only read the instructions and do not click on the nursing jurisprudence exam. You will take this later in the semester. Scroll down and click next. From here continue with the application form. If you need accommodations, you will need to upload your accommodations papers. Remember your graduation date is May 14, 2021. Save and/or print a copy of your receipt for your records.

Apply online to the BON. You will need:

  • ACC’s School Code: US27201900
  • Anticipated graduation date: May 14, 2021
  • A $100 fee payable to the Texas Board of Nursing

Licensure Eligibility Issues

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions on the Licensure Eligibility page, was this incident previously reported to the Board of Nursing (BON) prior to your admission to the program, and did you receive a clearance letter instead of a blue card from the BON? If so, you will simply apply to the BON via the paper application and attach a copy of the clearance letter that you have already received from the BON. If you need a copy of this letter, go to the Nursing Office at your assigned campus.

If, however, you have had a recent incident that has caused you to answer “yes” to any of the eligibility questions, you will need to attach a letter of explanation indicating the circumstance(s) you are reporting to the Texas Board of Nursing. The document must be signed and dated. You must also provide course documents that show the disposition of the incident(s) being reported. You must contact the court whereby the incident occurred to request a certified copy. If the record does not exist, you must obtain a statement from that court that the document has been destroyed or could not be located. If it is determined that the issue being reported to the BON meets the criteria for opening a case according to our current rules, you will be required to pay an additional $150 review fee.

Once we have a complete application, required documents, and the fee (if applicable), your file will be transferred to our Enforcement Department for review. This review may take a minimum of four months. The BON will not approve an applicant to take the NCLEX-PN or issue an online GN Permit until a decision has been rendered by our Enforcement Department.

Apply for ACC Graduation Online. Applying for graduation is the sole responsibility of the student, and you will not be considered a graduate of ACC if you miss the deadline. No extensions will be given.

All students must apply for ACC Graduation whether they plan to participate in the graduation ceremony or not. Your “Affidavit for Graduation” cannot be sent to the Board of Nursing unless you are an official ACC graduate.

The Board recommends that you register with NCSBN Pearson to take the NXLEX-PN one month prior to graduation. You may register online here.

  • ACC’s School Code: US27201900
  • Registration Fee: $200

All applicants by examination must pass the Texas nursing jurisprudence examination. You must pass this examination prior to being issued a permanent license. This has no bearing on your GN authorization.

Ten days after you file an examination application with the Texas Board of Nursing, the applicant will be eligible to take the online nursing jurisprudence exam here.

Follow the instructions to log on and complete the examination. The examination is based on the Texas Nursing Practice Act (NPA) and the Texas Board of Nursing Rules and Regulations. It is recommended that you download a copy of the NPA and the Rules and Regulations. you may also purchase a hard copy of the NPA and Rules and Regulations by contacting the Texas Board of Nursing. The nursing jurisprudence examination is a maximum of two hours in length. If you are not successful in passing the examination, you may take the examination again after seven working days has elapsed from the previous attempt. The cost of the examination is included in your $125 examination fee. Again, you must pass this examination before the Texas Board of Nursing will issue the permanent license.

Time: TBA

Upon completion of the program, the ACC Nursing Office will submit your Affidavit of Graduation to the Board of Nursing. This process could take up to 10 days after graduation, because we will wait for the ACC Graduation Office to certify you as a graduate.

Please do not accept a job as a GN starting the day after you graduate; until the Board processes your Affidavit of Graduation and notifies you that you can test, you are not considered a GN. The process from the time your Affidavit is submitted from our office until the Board of Nursing contacts you to schedule your NCLEX exam can take up to an additional 14 business days.

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