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Student Organizations

Student Organizations enrich students’ educational experience and encourage them to pursue personal, professional, and academic development through membership, leadership, and active participation. 

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Getting involved with a student organization comes with major perks. It’s not just about meeting other students and making friends. Joining a student organization can help you learn more about yourself, gain practical experience, acquire leadership skills, and engage with a diverse group of people, just to name a few. 

Leadership experience on a resume helps to land top-notch jobs after college. Interested? Here’s what you can do:

  • Join. Engage. Get Elected. You can’t become a leader overnight. Student officers are elected from active organization membership. Join an organization, stay engaged, and when elections roll around, get on the ballot! To improve a community, you first have to know it, love it, and serve it. Leadership starts with active membership.
  • Start an Organization. Okay, so sometimes you can become a leader overnight! It’s called entrepreneurship, and maybe you’ve got what it takes. Bring your passion, interest, or academic major to new heights at ACC by starting an organization. Check out the basics under the Start or Renew an Organization section below and go rally friends and classmates to the cause.

Ready to get started?! Log on to MySL to view the list of current recognized Student Organizations.

Whether you’re bringing back an organization from last year, from several years ago, or starting something brand new, you must complete the steps below:

  • Submit a Registration Form with a Constitution (Find a Constitution template here: *Only applicable for new organizations to create). 
  • Secure at least three organization officers.
    • To be eligible, a student must: 
      • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA 
      • Be currently enrolled as a student of good standing 
      • Submit a Commitment Form 
      • Complete Officer Training (instructions emailed once Commitment Form is submitted and eligibility is confirmed)
  • Secure an organization advisor. (Recommended but not required)
    • To be eligible, an advisor must: 
      • Be an adjunct or a full-time faculty member or full-time staff member of Austin Community College
      • Submit a Commitment Form
      • Complete Advisor Training (instructions emailed once Commitment Form is submitted and eligibility is confirmed)

The Student Organizations Guidebook outlines full details and specific requirements. If you have any questions, we recommend you book an appointment or email us at [email protected].

Registration Guides and Forms:

Student Leader Resources:

Advising provides a wonderful opportunity for advisors to know students better and through those relationships can guide students towards successful organization development. Additionally, student organization advisors receive one (1) hour of professional development credit. 

Organization Advisors are recommended but, not required. To be eligible, an advisor must: 

    • Be an adjunct or a full-time faculty member or full-time staff member of Austin Community College
    • Submit a Commitment Form
    • Complete Advisor Training (instructions emailed once Commitment Form is submitted and eligibility is confirmed)

Helpful Documents for Advisors:

  • What is MySL (My Student Life)?

MySL is an ACC online database and advertising platform. On MySL, you can find a list of student organizations, look for events to attend, contact any organizations that interest you, and/or submit your registration for a new organization. 

Log into MySL with your ACCeID and password to claim your free student MySL account now!

  • What organizations does ACC have?

Find a list of ACC student organizations on the Organizations tab of MySL. Didn’t find the organization you’re looking for? Check out how to start your own student organization under Start or Renew an Organization section above.

  • Is there a list of student organization activities that I can attend?

Yes! Details for all student organization activity is listed on the Events tab of MySL. Search by campus, theme, or just to see what’s happening next.

  • Where do organizations host events and meetings?

Student organizations host activity on all eleven ACC campuses as well as throughout the greater Austin area. Student Organizations are also taking their activities, meetings and events online by being hosted via Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom and other virtual platforms. Details for all student organization activity, including location, can be found on the Events tab of MySL.

  • How do I become a member of a student organization?

Each organization defines membership differently. For some, all you need to do is show up. For others, members have to meet certain GPA or academic program requirements set by the organization. If you’re interested in joining a particular organization, click on the Join or Contact buttons on that organization’s MySL home page. 

The Join button allows student officers an opportunity to review your requested membership. They can either approve your request or contact you for more details before adding you to the Organization’s roster. 

The Contact button will allow you to ask questions before jumping straight in. 

  • Who can I talk to about joining a student organization?

Walk into any Student Life office and talk to a Student Ambassador or Coordinator. Want information about a specific organization? Contact the organization directly by clicking Contact on an organization’s MySL homepage.

  • How do I get more involved in a student organization?

Involvement in a student organization comes down to two things: 

  • (1) showing up and 
  • (2) taking ownership of your own experience. 

For instance, if you are not already a member of an organization, you could go to a meeting. If you are already a member, you could volunteer to help your officers, or you could consider running for an officer position next time elections come around. 

  • What if the organization I want to join doesn’t exist?

Start it yourself! Check how to start your own student organization under the Start or Renew an Organization section. 

  • How do I start a student organization?

Complete the registration process outlined under the Start or Renew an Organization section.

  • How do I become a student officer?

Each organization has different election processes. We recommend asking the current officers what your organization’s process is. 

  • Are there any requirements for becoming a student officer?

All organization officers must meet eligibility requirements: (1) Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA; (2) Be currently enrolled as a student of good standing; (3) Submit a Commitment Form (found under Forms on MySL); (4) Complete Officer Training (instructions will be emailed once Commitment Form is submitted and eligibility is confirmed).

  • How do I find an advisor for my organization?

Ask the faculty and staff that you know. Share why your organization exists and what type of support you need. If they can’t help, ask them who else might be interested. Advisors are highly encouraged, but not required.

  • Are we able to host events virtually?

Yes! Student Organizations are encouraged to host events/meetings via online platforms. Currently, the ACC-approved online platforms are Google Meet, WebEx  and Zoom. New platforms may be added! 

  • How do I advertise my organization’s activity?

All student organization marketing and advertising materials must be approved through the Marketing Request Form. Student Life will print and distribute your paper marketing. All advertisements must include the Student Life logo (found in the Documents Library on MySL) and adhere to the Advertising/Marketing guidelines outlined in the Student Organizations Guidebook.

Student Organization Funding:

  • How do student organizations get funding?

Funding is a first- come, first serve process and funds cannot be guaranteed. Organizations are able to request up to $1,000.00 per semester via the Purchase Proposal Form. The Purchase Proposal Form can be found in the “Forms” tab of MySL. 

Refer to the Organizations Guidebook for specific dates and deadlines for when the Purchase Proposal window is open. Organizations can receive funding for in-person and virtual events.

  • What can I spend organization funds on?

Organizations should be creative and use funds effectively. Organization funds can cover travel costs, order food, pay a speaker or performer’s fee, and the list goes on. There are only a few prohibited purchases and payments. Find that list under Prohibited Purchases and Payments in the Guidebook

  • Do we need to set up a bank account?

Not necessarily. If your organization has collected funds through membership or fundraising, Student Life will not store those funds. It is up to your organization to decide how to store, account for, and manage those funds. 

Organizations are able to request up to $1,000.00 per semester via the Purchase Proposal Form from Student Life. The requested funds are managed by Student Life on a first come-first serve basis.

  • What if I need more funds than that requested or approved?

We highly recommend fundraising for your organization! You can do this by submitting an Event Proposal along with a plan on how your organization plans to use the funds. Funds raised by your organization cannot be used for Prohibited Purchases and Payment. Find that list under Prohibited Purchases and Payments in the Student Organizations Guidebook. More information on Fundraising can be answered in the Student Organizations Guidebook.

  • I’m pretty sure our Purchase Proposal and Event Proposal will be approved. Can I start buying stuff now?     

No! Student Life staff will complete all purchases and payments once your Purchase Proposal and Event Proposal are approved. You will not be reimbursed for any purchases made with personal funds.

  •  If I have any questions, who should I contact?

Most questions can be answered in the Student Organizations Guidebook, but always feel free to email [email protected] or schedule an appointment here

Student Organization Advisors:

  • How can I become a student organization advisor?

Assignment – College faculty or staff can be assigned to work with student organizations as part of their job responsibilities.

Chartering a Student Chapter – College faculty or staff may partner with a national organization and charter a chapter to bring to ACC. Departments are encouraged to charter professional associations or organizations to enhance the student experience of the students in their program.

Be Requested – A student organization may approach you and ask you to serve as their advisor. Many times, students have trouble finding an advisor. 

  • How long can I serve as a student organization advisor?

The default term for any Advisor is three academic years or as long as the organization maintains recognized status (whichever is shorter). Advisors must maintain eligibility throughout their term. A Commitment Form must be submitted by advisors each academic year.

  • Is there training and support for student organization advisors?

Yes! Student Organization Advisor Orientation is online. Once a commitment form is submitted and eligibility verified, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the orientation. In addition, you will receive one (1) hour of Professional Development for completing the Advisor Training.

  • What is the time commitment for serving as an advisor?

Based on the expectations, activities, and needs of the student group, your time commitment will vary. It’s helpful to identify your responsibilities and availability to compare them to the activities and needs of the student group(s) you advise to determine how much time they’ll require.

  • What are the eligibility requirements?

Advisors must be currently employed by Austin Community College as a full-time staff member or as an adjunct or full-time faculty member and complete Advisor Orientation each year.

  •  Are there any mandatory requirements?

Yes. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, advisors must also fulfill the following mandatory requirements:

  •  Complete the Commitment Form. Completion is required before the organization receives recognition from the college. Form must be submitted by October 1st of each academic year.
  • Complete Student Organization Advisor Orientation, which includes state-mandated risk management training.
  • What is my liability for serving as a student organization advisor?

All Student Organization Advisors are considered Campus Security Authorities. A campus security authority has a legal responsibility to contact ACC District Police upon receipt of a report of crime or alleged crime. The campus security authority also has a responsibility to assist the victim/survivor by connecting them with the Student Affairs or Human Resources Departments. For more information, visit the ACC website Campus Security Authority page. 

In general, student organization advisors are not liable for the behavior of a student organization UNLESS the advisor had prior knowledge of the group’s risky behavior(s) and failed to report it, and/or either condoned/participated in the activity(ies). 

If you have questions or concerns related to a student organization’s activities, please contact Student Life immediately at [email protected].

Questions? Email [email protected] for more information.