Plan for Managing STRESS

  1. Identify your own stress level steps

    Be aware of the immediate stress signals which tip you off that you are under stress here and now.

    Be aware of your long range symptoms of stress. Remember that significant others can provide valuable feedback.

  2. Isolate the source of the stress

    Ask yourself, ” Am I causing my own distress?”


    Thinking skills may apply.


    Go to the next step.

  3. Determine what you can and cannot do to alleviate your stress

    Ask yourself, “Can I change this situation?”


    1. list all possible solutions, communication and organizing skills may work here
    2. determine what the consequences of each solution might be
    3. prioritize the solutions, and
    4. carry out your plan


    1. leave, get away, vamoose, or
    2. learn to live with it, then relaxation training and good health habits may be your best techniques, or
    3. get around it.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of your actions

    Return to Step One, and continually monitor your stress level. If high, repeat Steps Two and Three and make necessary adjustments. Establish definite time intervals for reflection and self-evaluation.


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