STRESS Personalities


Lack of trust in ability to manage your own life. What if… Always expect the worst. This sets up an alarmist chain of thought.


Sees life as an endless climb to the top of the achievement ladder. Measures life by accomplishments, status and possessions. Can view people as objects/conquests also. Plagued by boredom, dissatisfaction, restlessness.

Internal Con Artist

Put off until tomorrow what you can do today is the store of your life and is self-defeating behavior. May talk you into reckless action, give in to an impulsive whim, voice of procrastination. Tells you all is well when it isn’t. Convinces you to eat, drink or smoke when you feel depressed, sad. Susceptible to being overweight, alcoholism, or drug abuse.

Internal Timekeeper

Compulsion to do several tings at once. Always over scheduled. Frenzied activity hurts creativity. You’re busy, but not necessarily efficient.


Wears a constant, bland smile. Though of saying no creates guilt, anxiety. The Martyr – putting others first and self last. Has difficulty expressing anger and resents doing favors. Can be intimidated by authority and respects others opinion more than his/her own.


Carries a chip on their shoulder. Snap or bite your head off. Fears being open about feelings so anger turns to sarcasm, trivial arguments, irritation. Anger is seldom directed at its source. Spills out inappropriately. It’s the part of you that fumes when you have to wait line.

Critical Judge

Always tell yourself how bad you’re doing. Undermines your confidence by pointing out failures and glossing over success as “strokes of luck”.


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