STRESS Solutions

The following list outlines areas of importance in managing and reducing stress in your life. Each principle contributes to overall experience of health, wellness, and balance in personal and interpersonal aspects of living. The more attention and energy you put into these principles, the more powerful payoff you will receive.

I. Value Yourself. Be willing to meet your own needs as well as those of others.

II. Be aware of your stressors. Identify internal and external sources of stress so you can effectively respond to them.

III. Maintain health and fitness. Insure your diet is well-balanced and our body well-exercised on a regular basis. Enjoy outdoor activities often.

IV. Take responsibility for feelings, thoughts, actions. Avoid giving away your power by placing blame or responsibility on outside circumstances. Choose to respond rather than just react.

V. Find your comfort zone. Choose the pace that suits you best and adjust your environment to fit when possible rather than stressing yourself continuously.

VI. Set clear priorities. Know what means the most to you so that you don’t waste time in meaningless activities. Learn to let go of less important items when necessary.

VII. Improve communication and assertion skills. Learn the skills of listening well, asserting clearly, and problem solving fairly.

VIII. Build a support network. Expand your contacts with friends, support services, and professional resources for handling sudden stress as well as ongoing nourishment, guidance, and feedback.

IX. Be flexible. Explore alternative perspectives and possibilities, be open to new ideas, take appropriate risks to enhance learning.

X. Develop inner strength. Restore your energy and capacity for growing through regular relaxation, prayer, or meditation.


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