PTHA 1409 Course Information

PTHA 1409: Introduction to Physical Therapy Course Information

The petition form links and dates are found at the bottom of this page. It is important that you read the following information before submitting the petition form.

General Information

  • This course does not require that any other PTA Program prerequisites are taken first.
  • This course is a prerequisite for the PTA Program. Like all other prerequisites, it must be completed to be eligible for admission into the program and, as with other prerequisites, it can be in progress during the Spring semester the student is applying. The application deadline is May 10th.
  • This course covers specific information and skills that students will need in the PTA program. It is a 4-hour course that is offered every semester. Regardless of the semester, it is always a 8-week, hybrid format course. Students attend labs twice a week and complete the rest of the course work online.
  • Additionally, students must attend a mandatory orientation session and take five (5) in-class exams. The dates for all these will be listed in the course schedule.
  • Due to the importance of skills taught in this class, PTHA 1409 must be completed within three years of a student’s application date.

Course Substitutions

Due to regulatory agencies, this course can only be taught by accredited PTA programs. Any course that would be considered an equivalent must:

  • Be taught at an accredited PTA program
  • Be a four (4) hour course with a lab component
  • Have course objectives that are comparable to the ACC PTA program’s course

Registering for PTHA 1409

  • This course is not an open enrollment course; it requires a petition to be eligible to register. All students wanting to register for this course must fill out the form found below.
  • Priority for this course is based on how many other prerequisites have been completed. The more prerequisites a student has completed, the higher that student’s name will be on the list. Students will record any completed prerequisites on the petition form and the PTA program will verify that they have been completed. Please make sure that ACC has received all your transcripts from which you plan to transfer course work.
  • If there are multiple students that have all completed the same amount of prerequisites, the date and time stamp will be used to determine priority. All dates when the petition period is open, are found on this page.
  • Students must petition for each semester.
  • Only students that have received a petition will be notified via email. All other students are put on a wait list and will be notified as seats are declined by petitioning students, or if petitioning students do not register by the deadline. Continue to check your email for notification of petitions; this can happen during the semester in which a student petitioned, or a few weeks before the course begins. If you have any questions, please contact the program administrative assistant at (512) 223-5935.

Petition Forms

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