Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Board Policy Reference: DH, Employee Standards of Conduct
Effective date: 08/23/12
Guideline/Procedure: 4.0800.01.1

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) seeks to earn and maintain the public’s confidence in the College through the ethical and effective performance of its faculty and staff.

Administrative Rule

Employees are responsible for their behavior and are expected to demonstrate the highest ethical conduct, exercise authority in good faith, and comply with all College, state and federal laws and regulations. Employees are expected to be honest and ethical in their interactions with each other, with students, with the public, and in doing business with and for the College.


  1. Employees are expected to report, orally, or in writing, promptly and confidentially, any evidence or suspected evidence of unethical conduct to their immediate supervisor, to the highest level administrator of their department, and/or to the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration shall refer the report to the College’s legal counsel for review and determination upon receipt of any report of alleged unethical conduct.
  2. When they receive such reports, supervisors shall take immediate and appropriate action to review and resolve any alleged unethical conduct. Supervisors must inform their highest level administrator of any report of unethical conduct.
  3. The highest level administrator shall review, investigate and/or resolve the situation. If the highest level administrator is unable to resolve the situation involving unethical conduct, the matter shall be referred to the Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, who shall resolve the matter and who shall determine whether to refer the matter to the College’s legal counsel for consultation and review.
  4. Violations of College policy, of this administrative rule, or of a state or federal law or regulation may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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