Transfer/Reassignment of an Employee

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 10/28/13

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) strives to maintain superior educational and support services within available resources. The College is committed to providing an equitable process for all personnel actions, including the transfer or reassignment of employees when deemed necessary.

Administrative Rule

The College reserves the right to determine when transfers or reassignments of employees should occur. The determination will be based on the need to realign existing resources, on reorganization or redesign of programs and services, and on other emerging institutional needs.

The transfer or reassignment of an employee shall cause no reduction in accrued vacation, sick, and/or personal leave unless the change is from one category of employment to another, such as administrative to faculty. In the event the reassignment results in an employee moving from a position that accrues vacation to one that does not, the employee shall be paid for all unused vacation at the time of the reassignment.

An employee who is reassigned to a position at a lower level on the salary schedule shall retain the current salary for a ninety (90)-day period starting with the effective date of the reassignment. At the end of the ninety (90)-day period following reassignment, the employee’s salary will be adjusted to reflect the correct salary for the new position.


Transfer: the lateral allocation of a non-faculty employee from one position to another within the same job classification, initiated by the College and based on its best interests. Employees may be transferred to a different site or facility or to a different supervisor, based upon the needs of business operations.

Reassignment: the allocation of an employee to a position in a different job classification, initiated by the College and based on its best interests. An employee may be reassigned to a lower level position.

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