Staff Evaluation, Performance Excellence Program

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 07/17/07

Value Statement

Austin Community College District values quality service and the importance of a working environment that supports the continuous improvement of employees’ job performance.

Administrative Rule

Supervisors and all non-faculty, staffing table employees must complete the annual Performance Excellence Program (PEP). The PEP process is composed of multiple components, including a performance review.

Employees will have an annual opportunity to participate in an upward evaluation process. This process enables employees to provide feedback on the performance of their direct supervisors. Completion of an upward evaluation is voluntary and is expected to be confidential. The upward evaluation should be conducted so there is no impact on the employee’s performance evaluation by the supervisor.  In addition to standard performance factors, the evaluation of a supervisor’s performance will include the completion of his or her employees’ performance evaluations, and the next level supervisor will take into account feedback from the upward evaluation.

Appeal Process

An employee who wishes to appeal a performance review must do so with the next level supervisor.  The resulting decision may be appealed through the grievance process.  (See AR # 4.0702.01)


Supervisors must complete a performance evaluation of each employee under their supervision each year.

The Faculty and Staff Evaluation Office will provide the evaluation process timelines and completion reports for the PEP each year.  The Faculty and Staff Evaluation Committee, which includes representatives of exempt and non-exempt employees, reviews the PEP procedures and guidelines at least once each year and makes any recommended changes to the Administrative Services Council.

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