Progressive Discipline for Non-Faculty Staffing Table Employees (G/P)

Effective date: 02/28/08

Progressive Discipline Steps 

Employee/Supervisor Expectations

Supervisors are expected to provide on-going coaching, training and performance feedback to employees.  When the employee is unable to meet performance expectations, the supervisor should provide a verbal warning specifying the deficient behavior, expected performance and timetable for improvement. 

Employees are expected to attend appropriate job-related training, perform the duties of the position, and communicate performance needs to supervisors. 

If an employee does not meet performance expectations or improve, supervisors should initiate progressive discipline.  The progressive discipline process should include: 

  • A verbal warning,
  • A written warning,
  • Suspension /probation,
  • Termination.

Each step need not be taken in each case, and depending upon the severity of the circumstances, the College may take any appropriate disciplinary action and may start at any step, including immediate termination at any time.  All steps and actions must be documented.

Immediate Termination

Severe conduct for which immediate termination is appropriate with no prior notice or prior discipline may include, but is not limited to the following.

  • Appropriating College or student equipment, time or resources for personal use or gain;
  • Theft of services or resources;
  • Computer abuse, including, but not limited to: unauthorized destruction of files, creating illegal accounts, possession of unauthorized passwords, disruptive behavior on the computer and non-work related utilization of computer software or hardware;
  • Acts of sabotage or other interference of the College’s business;
  • Defacing or destroying College property;
  • Engaging in actions which endanger the health and/or safety of oneself or others;
  • Unlawfully distributing, selling, possessing, using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when on the job;
  • Fighting, assaulting, threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with the performance of other employees;
  • Acts of sabotage or other interference of the College’s business; and,
  • Having an unauthorized weapon, firearm or explosive on College property.

Employees who have been placed on probation twice employment at ACC may be terminated without being issued a third probation.  The employee may be terminated even if those prior two probations were issued by a different supervisor or for different job performance issues. 

Employees may not be terminated for illegal reasons.

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