Termination of Non-Faculty Employees (G/P)

Effective date: 11/13/20

I.  General

This procedure applies to the termination of Classified, Professional-Technical, and Administrative employees.

Types of Separations:

  1. Voluntary termination – occurs when the separation is initiated by the employee.
    Types of voluntary terminations:
    • Written or oral resignation communicated to the immediate supervisor.
    • Absence from work for three (3) consecutive workdays without approval or without notifying the supervisor.
    • Failure to return to work from an approved leave of absence at the expiration of the leave.
  1. Involuntary Termination – occurs when separation is initiated by an authorized representative of the College.
    Types of involuntary terminations:
    • Immediate termination – Immediate termination will be effective for serious misconduct or cause when in the best interest of the College.
    • Termination due to unsatisfactory performance – An employee may be terminated for reasons such as, but not limited to, lack of skills to perform the assigned work, inefficiency, absenteeism, violation of policies and procedures, disorderly conduct, insubordination, theft, fraud, falsification on records or other unsatisfactory performance factors.
    • Disability – When an employee is totally or permanently disabled such that the employee is unable to perform the essential functions of his or her position, even with reasonable accommodations.
    • Death of the employee.

II.  Procedure

  1. Involuntary Termination for Unsatisfactory Performance
    1. When an employee exhibits unsatisfactory performance, the supervisor is expected to provide the employee with feedback and performance counseling.
    2. When an employee’s performance is not satisfactory, the supervisor is responsible for making a recommendation through the supervisory chain regarding management of discipline or immediate termination. A termination notice must be provided in writing to an employee. The supervisor is expected to privately meet with the employee to discuss and answer questions about the termination action.
    3. Terminations must be approved by the Vice Chancellor of the area and the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources.
  2. Return of College Property
    1. Employees who are leaving the College must return tools, uniforms, documents, electronic devices, laptops, credit cards, keys and other items belonging to the College to their immediate supervisor.
    2. Their immediate supervisor is responsible for ensuring the return and accounting of College property.
  3. Final Paycheck
    1. Employees who are terminated will be paid their final paycheck not later than the next regular payday.
  4. Financial Arrangements
    1. Employees are required to settle any debts with the College before their termination date. The supervisor should ensure that the employee is advised of outstanding debts.
  5. Sick and Vacation
    1. Upon termination, an employee may receive their accrued sick and vacation pay in accordance with the College’s policies and procedures.
  6. Technology
    1. An employee will have until their last day of employment to copy their personal information or email correspondence from the College’s computers. The employee may not remove or delete any data that belongs to the College or information that is necessary for business operations.
  7. Security / Confidential Information
    1. An employee who has had access to confidential information, should be advised that access to confidential information documents and data will be terminated.
    2. If a supervisor is concerned that an employee will become violent upon being told of their termination, the supervisor should notify the ACC Police Department prior to the termination meeting.

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