Faculty Agreements

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Effective date: 03/23/09
Guideline/Procedure: 4.1000.02.1

Value Statement

Austin Community College District has established clear guidelines for annual faculty appointments which allow faculty members appropriate planning time and flexibility and which also best support the College’s mission.

Administrative Rule

  1. In accordance with Board Policy D-3, Faculty Workloads, all full-time classroom faculty are presumed to have a contract for 10½ months each academic year. This contract guarantees full-time faculty assignments for the Fall, Spring and Summer according to the full-time faculty pay schedule.  These contracts should be signed at or before the beginning of the Fall Semester.
  2. When a full-time classroom faculty member on a 10½ month contract is unable to fulfill the contract obligation during the Summer Session, the faculty member will notify the Dean of the decision not to teach in the summer no later than March 1st of each academic year. The contract will then be modified to a nine month contract.
  3. A full-time classroom faculty member may request a nine month contract. Such a contract should be requested only if a full-time faculty member has no intention of teaching during the Summer Session.  Only under exceptional circumstances may a faculty contract originally signed for nine months be modified to 10.5 months.  Such instances would require documentation and substantial justification and may be granted or denied at the discretion of the appropriate Vice President.
  4. When a full-time classroom faculty member teaches outside the contract obligation or contract period, the faculty member will be paid at the overload rate.
  5. All full- time counselors who are hired after 7/1/07 will work an 11 month contract; all other counselors are encouraged to work 10.5 or 11 month contracts with the exception of designated counselors employed in 12 month positions.
    Counselors hired before July 1, 2007 may be considered for a 9-month contract by special approval of the Vice President.  
  6. All full-time head librarians and full-time librarian faculty are presumed to have a contract for twelve months each academic year. In exceptional cases, a full-time librarian faculty member may request approval to work 10½ months with prior supervisor approval.
  7. The Office of Human Resources shall provide guidelines to permit flexibility in monthly payments under contracts issued according to this rule.
  8. The Office of Human Resources shall provide an annual report to the President on the distribution of contracts under this rule.

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