Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Student Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: FB, Admissions
Effective date: 04/13/16

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District values access to higher education and training as the primary means by which individuals and communities are able to reach their potential.

Administrative Rule

Austin Community College maintains an “open-door” admissions policy to promote access to a wide range of post-secondary educational programs.

A student may be admitted to the College according to any one of the following conditions:

  1. Be a graduate of an accredited high school or have completed a home school program, have completed all coursework requirements of an accredited high school or have successfully completed all requirements of a General Education Development (GED) program;
  2. A person who is 18 years of age or over may be exempt from the above ACC admission requirements and admitted under special approval, provided the student can demonstrate an ability to benefit from instruction; or
  3. A student with freshman, sophomore, junior or senior high school standing may, upon the recommendation of the high school principal or home school administrator and with the approval of his/her parent or guardian, be permitted to enroll in the College.

A student, who wishes to appeal an admission decision made based on the criteria above, may appeal to the Executive Director of Admissions and Records.

Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to all programs; some instructional programs maintain additional admission requirements. Individual instructional program areas will establish and ensure compliance with all relevant, program-specific admission requirements. Program admission requirements are subject to final approval by the appropriate Vice President and are posted and maintained on the College website.

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