Academic Fresh Start

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: FB, Admissions
Effective date: 07/29/10

Value Statement

Austin Community College District seeks to provide a supportive environment in which students can enhance their potential for academic success.

Administrative Rule

  1. Residents of Texas are entitled to seek admission to public institutions of higher education (as defined in Section 51.931, Texas Education Code) as an undergraduate student without consideration of academic credits or grades earned by the applicant ten or more years prior to the starting date of the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll. Resident status is determined by the same criteria used for tuition purposes.
  2. No college courses which are ten years or older will be evaluated for credit. (Applicants may not exempt particular courses).  Since students may not claim credit for courses ignored under “academic fresh start”, prerequisites that are excluded must be retaken.
  3. This provision does not relieve students from notifying Austin Community College of attendance at previous institutions, nor of the need to submit transcripts indicating all previous course work attempted.
  4. Students who wish to apply for “academic fresh start” must complete the “Right to an Academic Fresh Start” Agreement in the Austin Community College Admissions and Records Office prior to enrollment, confirming the applicant’s decision to enroll under the Fresh Start statute. The “academic fresh start” status will be noted on the student’s Austin Community College transcript.
  5. “Academic Fresh Start” does not affect federal financial aid, including Veterans Administration and Student Financial Assistance, because state law does not override federal regulations.
  6. This is pursuant to the Texas Education Code, Chapter 51, Section 51.931.
  7. The final authority on applying or interpreting this rule is the Director of Admissions and Records.

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