Continuing Education Refund Policy

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Board Policy Reference: FD, Tuition and Fees
Effective date: 07/29/10

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District will treat continuing education students responsibly, by refunding tuition and fees when classes are canceled by the College.

Administrative Rule

Students are entitled to receive a refund if the Continuing Education department must cancel a class. Each course will be taught as listed, provided enrollment in each section justifies the offering.  The schedule of time, room and instructor reflects the intent at the time of publication.  Course offerings are subject to change, and the listing is not a guarantee that classes will be offered exactly as listed.

  1. The ACC Continuing Education refund policy is published in each schedule and can also be found on the website at
  2. ACC mails refund checks to the address on file at the college. The student must check with Continuing Education registration staff to verify current and accurate information before the refund process is started.
  3. Credit card refunds will appear on the monthly statement as soon as possible after the official reporting date. The student is responsible for interest charged to the credit card account while the refund is processed.
  4. ACC charges a $25 processing fee for any refunds that must be reissued.

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