Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process

Administrative Rule
Council: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Effective date: 02/19/13

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District offers an environment where students’ rights are respected and responsibilities are recognized. Students are invited to be active members of the education community. Opportunity for students to examine and question information and assumptions of a given discipline, guided by the evidence of scholarly research, is appropriate in a learning environment. This value is accompanied by an equally demanding responsibility on the part of the student.

Administrative Rule

Student Standards of Conduct & Disciplinary Process

Acceptable standards of conduct include behavior that:

  • Reflects the highest level of honesty and integrity both in and out of class,
  • Is civil, courteous, and respectful of all members of the campus community, their property, and the property of the college,
  • Encourages responsibility and prohibits the unlawful use of alcohol, illicit drugs, other substances, and weapons, and
  • Promotes mutual respect, equality, and safety of its members and opposes those acts that harass, intimidate, or haze its members.

By enrolling at ACC, students agree to abide by the college’s Student Standards of Conduct. These standards also establish disciplinary procedures for students accused of violating those standards. The Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process is published in:

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