ACC Employee Associations (G/P)

Effective date: 09/08/17

The employee associations are based on the main categories of the College’s personnel classification system, open to all employees in the relevant category, without charge, governed by democratic processes as approved by their members. Each employee association must abide by the legal and policy restrictions of being an internal College activity.


It is expected that:

  1. Each employee association will collaborate with the administration in the development of Administrative Rules, Guidelines/Procedures and recommendations to the Board of Trustees and will advise and consult with the administration on actions that would significantly affect their members.
  2. The Chancellor and designees will regularly meet with the officers of each association to ensure that the officers have an opportunity to discuss matters of concern to their members. The association shall alert the Chancellor and administrative leadership of special concerns that affect its members as soon as possible and prior to taking the concerns to the Board of Trustees. In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, special meetings may be arranged if warranted.
  3. Each association president shall be responsible for assigning or appointing representatives to shared governance committees. At least one membership slot on each shared governance committee shall be reserved for a member appointed by the leader of each association and more slots shall be so designated as warranted.
  4. Each employee association will represent the interests of its members when collaborating with the administration in the governance of ACC.
  5. Each employee association will work to support the needs and interests of its members.

General Provisions

  1. Association membership is determined by relevant personnel classification category, except hourly employees.
  2. Each employee association shall be governed in accordance with its bylaws, except insofar as those bylaws conflict with college policy or relevant laws.
    1. The association president shall be elected by the association’s members. To be eligible to participate in an employee association election and to hold office within an employee association, an individual must be a current employee of Austin Community College in the relevant classification. To be a current member of the Adjunct Faculty, one must have taught as ACC Adjunct Faculty within the last 12 months.
  3. In case of vacancy in any office of the association, the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the association bylaws.


  1. Officers of each association shall receive a stipend and/or release time, as approved by the Chancellor.
  2. The College will provide each association with funds to support its activities. The amount of the funds will be determined as part of the College’s annual budget development process. Such funds shall be used in accordance with College policies.

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