Student Stipends for Participation in the Student Government Association and Shared Governance

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 11/13/20

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) values the participation of students in the shared governance process and will pay a stipend to the officers of the Student Government Association (SGA) in recognition of their contributions. Students who participate on official college governance councils and committees will be compensated for their time and contributions.

Administrative Rule

General guidelines:

Stipends will be paid to executive officers of the SGA at the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Stipends for SGA executive officers are paid from the SGA budget and approved by the SGA advisor.

SGA executive officers are eligible to receive stipends upon the successful completion of the stipend criteria as agreed upon by the SGA and its advisor.

Additional stipends will also be paid to SGA officers who serve on official college governance councils and committees. Stipends for service on these councils and committees will be paid from the SGA budget.

Students must attend at least two-thirds of the college governance meetings in order to receive payment. It is the responsibility of the college governance council or committee chair to monitor attendance (documented through the official minutes of the council or committee).

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