Employment of Hourly Personnel

Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 10/21/13

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) will strive to manage its operations, within available resources, with full-time or part-time staffing table, benefits-eligible employees. The employment of hourly employees will be limited and these employees will be employed on a short-term basis.

Administrative Rule

Hourly employees may be hired for positions or functions which are needed on a varying schedule to support college programs or support services. Hourly employee assignments are related to short term projects or assignments which are temporary in nature.

An hourly employee may not work more than 19 hours per week and no more than a total of 900 hours per academic year. Hourly instructors are not subject to these limitations. A request for an exception requires the approval of the Vice President of Human Resources.


  1. Administrators are responsible for approving the employment of hourly personnel in their departments.
  2. Immediate supervisors are responsible for the time record of each hourly employee under their supervisor
  3. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for ensuring hourly personnel are hired in accordance with College policies and procedures and state and federal regulations and laws.

General Guidelines

  1. Hourly employees are subject to all College policies, administrative rules, and procedures.
  2. Hourly employees may apply for internal postings through the regular application process.
  3. Hourly employees must have the required skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the work required by the position.
  4. Hourly employees will be hired in compliance with the Hourly Salary Schedule, which will be comparable to similar staffing table positions
  5. Hourly employees are temporary employees and are not eligible for College benefits other than a mandated retirement plan.
  6. Hourly employees may be hired for a specific project or to substitute for employees on leave when the workload exceeds the ability of staff to accomplish the work on a timely or quality basis.
  7. Hourly employees are subject to the same standards of performance as staffing table employees.
  8. Hourly employees will go through the normal employment screening process.
  9. Hourly employees may be terminated immediately if their services are no longer needed or if they fail to report to work, do not meet the established schedule assigned by the supervisor, or do not meet the performance requirements expected by the College. Termination may be immediate, and without notice, when in the best interest of the College.

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