Administrative Rule
Council: Administrative Services Council
Effective date: 10/15/13

Value Statement

The Austin Community College District (“ACC” or “the College”) recognizes the importance of ACC employees receiving accurate and timely payroll calculations and distributions.

Administrative Rule

The College shall provide timely and accurate payroll services while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies. The Office of Finance and Budget is responsible for all pay-related functions, which includes payroll for all College employees, administered through the Payroll Department.


Mandatory Deduction – deductions that an employer is required by law to withhold from an employee’s pay.

Voluntary Deduction – deductions withheld from an employee’s pay, at the employee’s request.

Wage Garnishment – withholding of an individual’s earnings by an employer for the payment of a debt in accordance with a court order or other legal or equitable procedure.


The Office of Finance and Budget is responsible for oversight of and communication with employees regarding the payroll process. The Payroll Department is responsible for administering all pay related functions.

The Payroll Manager, with approval of the Vice President of Finance and Budget, shall establish and distribute the regular schedule of pay dates for each academic year. After distribution, any subsequent changes to the established pay schedule require approval from the Chancellor.

The Payroll Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with court orders and for notifying the employee of the garnishment. Garnishment notices from more than one source shall be fulfilled in the order required by law and to the extent that funds are available in the employee’s pay.

Voluntary deductions shall be requested by the employee and withheld only with the employee’s written consent and in accordance with programs and/or deductions approved by the College. The employee must complete and submit to HR Benefits required forms in order to initiate and to cease voluntary payroll deductions(s).

Payroll Errors and Corrections

The College will seek reimbursement for all overpayments made to current and former employees in accordance with federal and state law. The College will make every effort to arrange a fair and equitable repayment schedule if immediate payment is not possible.

The Payroll Manager shall prepare a monthly report of any payroll errors and submit that report to the Vice President of Finance and Budget. All situations where a payroll error has occurred which affects multiple employees’ paychecks will require notification to the Vice President of Finance and Budget within twenty-four hours.

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